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Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday, July 18. The retreat continues.

My post from last night did not appear until today, because of user error, for which I apologize. I thought I had posted it, and even saw it live (I thought) on the blog site. But there was an error in the html, which prevented blogspot from accepting it. I corrected it this afternoon, and successfully posted it after I thought that I had simply everything I had written. Whew.

Almost ten o'clock now, and I am exhausted from the day and from an evening-long conference with other bishops (ok, it was in the pub, but a conference nonetheless for the locale). The retreat ends at midday Saturday, and I should have time to catch up in the afternoon. It has been a rich and full day.


michael d said...

So glad you got to spend some time with other bishops in the (presumably) company of some good English ale!
Thanks for the history lesson about Canterbury and the Cathedra Augustini.
You continue (Saturday morning Post-Dispatch) to get publicity as "The Blogging Bishop," and they've linked your page on their website.
It sounds like an incredibly amazing experience, and you and all the Conference continue to be in my prayers, and in those of Ascension, Northwoods.

/Susan said...

(That's an Irish toast, literally "Health!") Ongoing prayers for the health of all those meeting in conference with you; Health in body, mind, spirit and relationship.