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Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday, August 1. Windsor continuation & the covenant.

The pace today was markedly less intense, and I imagine that this pace was built in by design to allow the Reflections Group time to catch up. Their succeeding drafts show greater clarity, and they are working tirelessly to produce a readable document, trying, I believe, to be faithful to the "mind" of the Conference. Some of this work became evident in the hearing the Group held this afternoon. I know how full my days have been, and these folks have devoted every free waking moment and have cheated sleep a good deal, in order to serve the rest of the bishops here.

Bible study had us considering the text John 15:1-17 ("I am the vine and your are the branches") as a prelude to consideration of what it means to be so united in Jesus.

Indaba met two times today, the usual morning session and then again in late afternoon. This morning we produced a "memorandum of solidarity" to submit to the Reflections Group, one of many such resolutions to speak out against violence and divisions in various nations of the world. This one was sparked by the presence of a bishop from Zimbabwe in our Indaba, and we collaborated to lend Lambeth's voice to his as an act of solidarity. We expect to see a dozen or so similar memoranda tomorrow, through the Reflections Group.

Then we devoted the rest of our time together to consideration of an Anglican Covenant, first as a concept and then the particulars of the St. Andrew's Draft. The notion that a Covenant is necessary or desirable was by no means accepted by everyone in my Indaba, and the Appendix to the St. Andrew's Draft was found helpful by only a few. There were many specific edits suggested, as we came to the draft text itself. The shape of any Anglican Covenant, from what I can see, remains an open question.

Tomorrow we continue with work on the Covenant, and then we tackle the Windsor Continuation Process.

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