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Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday afternoon

Until now I have put myself at the back of the queue for blogging, and I trust that the other bloggers in Lui have kept readers current on the events here. Debbie and I just walked over and found an available computer. She is patiently waiting while I check email and post a short note.

My time these days has been devoted to the Pastors' Conference, the responsibility for which I have shared with Dan, and, by extension, with Anne P. and Warren. They work with the same group of pastors and Mothers' Union Workers as Dan and I, and we all share the same space in the Cathedral.

Two aspects of our teaching will have me caught in reflection for some time to come. First, on Wednesday Dan and I made a presentation on stewardship to a group of forty pastors and workers, most of whom are subsistence farmers. The session was both challenge and blessing, to say the least, and we ended up devoting a second hour to the first we had planned. Second, we spent time Thursday and Friday (today) introducing computers to this same group, none of whom had ever sat in front of keyboard and monitor. I certainly know no fear in using the computer, but I have never even thought about how to show a group of fifteen what to do with one. My inner geek is humbled. But the pastors and workers were thrilled to get their hands on this tool which most people in the West simply take for granted.

Our team of eleven seem well, both exhausted and exhilarated by what we are all doing. For what it's worth, I have never experienced Sudan in such mild weather. The highs must be no more than ninety-five or so. Late November may be a good time to come here, a note for future reference.

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Lisa Fox said...

I miss hearing from you, and hope you may soon return to blogging.